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Studio Policies


Student Cancellations:

We understand schedules may change! Students can cancel their class through Bloom Healing Arts 3 hours ahead of class time without penalties.  This is in consideration of teacher preparation, supplies if applicable, and those that may be on a waitlist.  For late cancellations, students that cancel within the 3-hour window before class or fail to show for class will forfeit their class fee/credit. If you have an emergency that causes you to miss, please reach out!

Snow & Weather Events: 

During the weekdays, if D38 schools are closed due to weather / snow, classes are canceled for the morning and day, and students will receive credit for the canceled class.  For weekday evenings of school closures, this will be determined by noon of the same day. 

During weekend weather / snow events, we will determine by 7am if weather would affect the class times and schedule.  

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